The Cat Did It!

After watching Dogtooth, a film where three teenagers live isolated without leaving their house because their over-protective parents say they can only leave when their dogtooth falls out, it made me think of the idea of control.


Being in a controlling environment can be both comforting and disconcerting.

When someone has control over us it alleviates responsibility, establishes a dominant and makes is feel safe, you are no longer fully in charge of your own life, thus no longer to blame for when thing go wrong. A comfort in being blameless ensues and entices the controlled to remain, which reinstates the dominant and also alleviates any guilt they may have as control turns to wilful blindness.


But control can only last for so long. As time wears on the individual and personal growth between the controlled and the controller fluctuates the battle for control is ever changing. Inevitably it peaks and as with all controlling environments there are cracks as human nature is by its very design flawed thus making any attempt to complete control futile. The environment collapses and all that is left is memorabilia of time passed. With no leading voice to steer the way or remind us of what once was and bring us back to that way of life we seek to find our own meaning within ourselves and our environment both past and present.


The cat did it!

A trivial statement to place over a topic that can be perceived as quite heavy is intentional. As children we blamed the dog for not handing in our homework as no one could ever punish a pet, it’s in its nature after all.

The same can be said from the perspective of the controller, how could he or she be to blame for those who are wilfully blind?