Complete On-Site Stop Motion Animation Business Training Video Workshop


Complete On-Site Stop Motion Animation Business Training Video Workshop


(Based on 10 participants!)

This is a specifically designed course that will be brought to your place of work. Over the eleven weeks you will learn stop motion animation, model making, set design and film making without having to leave the office and create a customised company training video.

You will learn how to do the following:

  • Build armature for your puppet (Skeleton) 
  • Create your own stop motion puppet
  • How to make props for your puppet and the set
  • How to build a set
  • How to draw a story board
  • How to animate your puppet
  • How to film

Classes will be held on a weekly basis and will be 2hrs long. All materials and equipment will be provided.

Me time and team time! 

This is a creative outlet for individuals to be involved in a non-stressful and rewarding activity.

The course initially will be based on the individual and the creation of their own puppet/model. Towards the end of the course a team environment is created where storyboards are made together to film a company training video. This will enable your staff to participate and contribute towards the companies ethos. 

This is a great way for colleagues to band together to create something different and learn something new while also creating something for the business.

Premier Evening!

Upon completion there will be a separate premier evening (week 11 - included) where each participant will be presented with a DVD of the completed animation as well as a framed photograph of their individual puppets. 


When booking, block book the classes on dates that you would like so they can be reserved in advance. 

To do so you can email me through the 'contact' page. 


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